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As an investor for the long term, you should expect both dedicated service and concierge-quality attention.

You’ve found just that. 

We are a boutique investment consulting firm focused on helping you chart a course for your future while bringing you peace of mind today.

We believe it is imperative that every prospect and client have real understanding, in common sense terms, of everything we work on, recommend, and implement. As a "fiduciary" legal entity, we are beholden solely to the interests of our clients.
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Your goals may be short- or long-term, pre- or post-retirement. Whatever they may be, our Prudent Investment Management Process gives you that special quality of advice that is tailored to your needs today, tomorrow, and in the future.
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We regularly research thousands of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds ("managers") to identify the best performers to be used in our clients portfolios. This research is updated quarterly to ensure that you're always invested with the Best of the Best.
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What Orients Our Moral Compass?

We distinguish ourselves by adhering to five fundamental rules that permeate every aspect of our business practice:

– No two clients are alike.

– You and your family are people, not a portfolio.

– You are never in the dark and always in control of your investments.

– No conflicts of interest.

– You have no constraints on what you may do with your investments, so long as it is legal, as we have:

  • no corporate policies from “up high”
  • no product sales; no sales quotas
  • no vested relationships with managers or other providers of services
  • no geographic or market constraints