Prudent Investment Process (PIP)

The Prudent Investment Process (PIP) was designed to help us drill down into the details with you so that both advisor (us) and client (you) are engaged in the dynamic development of an investment strategy. As we work through the process, you will deepen your understanding of investing at a general level as well as portfolio structure, strategies and management as we progress through a series of exchanges of both information and conversation.

In the first phase of developing a strategy our goal is:

  • To understand your general lifetime goals.
  • To have you understand the basics of markets, asset classes, efficient portfolios and CWI forecasting and models.

In the second phase our goal is:

  • To create several forecasts with different goals and budgets and discuss them with you in detail and to establish a range of desirable risk and return.
  • To have you understand more about diversification, portfolio construction, and forecasting.

In the third phase our goal is:

  • To have an investment strategy taking shape as we are finalizing the forecast.
  • To ensure that you are comfortable with the exchange of information and feel confident about making choices on portfolio strategies.

In the fourth phase our goal is:

  • To have the investment strategy and an implementation plan finalized.
  • To know that you are now a confident investor and a happy client!