Our Difference

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Our Difference:

Human Touch

We pride ourselves on professional relationships focused on personalized and meticulous attention to detail.


We distinguish ourselves from the competition by adhering to five fundamental guidelines:

No boxes to fit you into.

We recognize that every client has a unique set of personal circumstances and distinctive ideas of  “life” – now and later.

Every investment strategy is 100 percent customized to fit the unique situation of a client.

CWI Investment Consultants formulate investment strategies that tailor to each client’s needs. We will never replicate the same approach across multiple clients, as we invest our time with each client, meeting one-on-one, doing whatever it takes to come up with the right strategy and a solid understanding of the “how” and “why” of long-term investing.

You are a person, not a portfolio.

Our discipline, Investment Consulting, is a rigorous and dynamic one. It requires attention to detail at the personal level when evaluating all investments.

We regularly research thousands of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (“managers”) to identify for our clients the best performers to include in their investment strategies.

On a quarterly basis, we review the performance of all managers in our clients’ portfolios and track additional managers whose performance may improve or outperform other managers. This discipline and ability to personalize your portfolio enables us to prepare detailed recommendations on a quarterly basis. We encourage our clients to ‘actively manage’ the managers in their portfolios, thereby removing and replacing managers whose performances are deteriorating or have deteriorated.

The client is never in the dark and always in control.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could put my money into a portfolio of investments and just forget about it until I retire? No!

We will never invest a client’s resources into any asset without the client fully understanding the characteristics of the asset. We will always get client approval before making an investment.

Why? Because a client with a reasonable understanding of market dynamics and investment options formulates refined goals, and allows CWI  to tailor the investment strategy as much as possible. Our fundamental philosophy is that all investors should have a solid understanding of investing even if they have the right professional advising them.

No special relationships, no commissions, no conflicts of interest.

With CWI, every client can rest assured that the only interest is our client.

CWI charges its fee on a declining scale in accordance with the consulting agreement with the client, providing full disclosure in a quarterly invoice. CWI never receives commissions or compensation from third parties. We do not have privileged relationships with any investment fund or brokerage firm.

One of our hallmarks as a firm is our aggressive expense management- no distribution or transaction fees wherever possible! The result for the client is freedom from conflict of interest and a portfolio of investments purely focused on performance and the highest total return possible.

No constraints on what you may do with your investments.

You have no constraints on what you may do with your investments, so long as it is legal, as we have:

  • no corporate policies from “up high”
  • no product sales; no sales quotas
  • no vested relationships with managers or other providers of services
  • no geographic or market constraints